The internet says that the 3D system heats skin up to 41 degrees and melts the fat, which is excreted through the liver. I don't think I could explain it any better than that, but my friend Patrick and I made a little video for you during a trip to Ultracell Medi Spa to show you what happens during a procedure.


After 3 sessions I have lost 3 inches from my waist, and 4lb. I haven't changed my diet which is really bad so I think that the results on a balanced diet would be phenomenal. The other ladies who did change their diet have lost stones, this makes me really disappointed in myself as I really want to get into shape, and I just can't stop eating Junk food. I am taking progress pictures after each treatment so watch this space for my honest and factual results on 3D Lipo.


Ok so I’ve had about ten sessions of 3D Lipo, my shape has changed, but I still have a bumpy stomach from Liposuction. Unfortunately I don’t think it will go any time soon, Kayleigh the lovely lady who does my treatments has said that if I continue with the cryo then it will eventually go, but as it’s “manmade” it’s so much harder to shift. 

I will continue with my treatments but I’m so unhappy with my tummy that I don’t want to post pictures just yet.