AQUALYX is fairly new to the aesthetics market, it is injected using cannulas with the sole purpose of breaking down fat.

The "doctor" claimed it would significantly reduce my double chin. It didn't.

The injections comprise of ingredients derived from plant polymers that are said to bind with the tissue that lines fat cell walls. The plant polymer then ruptures dissolving the fat which then passes naturally out of the body when you urinate.

It costs £250 + depending on where you go.

I was told I would have minimal bruising and a bit of swelling, as you can see the effects were far worse.

This is immediately after  

 This is 5 hours later

I do not recommend this treatment, the downtime was about 2 weeks, my face looks exactly the same and it was extremely painful. In fact I feel as though my face is now disproportionate. 

When I complained I was told I needed more treatments, as you can see from the pictures there is absolutely no way I would be going back for more, would you?


The pain was absolutely excruciating, I was really really tired for 5/6 days straight. My poor body had no idea what it was dealing with, I couldn't eat or sleep because of the pain and I just kind of cried to myself, well my eyes watered, the rest of my face was unable to move. I couldn't open my mouth to talk and I had to hide away from everyone as I already scare kids.... Shouts of Quagmire in Tesco weren't appealing. 

I contacted the clinic who injected my neck and here is their response.


 I contacted the clinic who injected my neck and here is their response.

Safe to say there was absolutely no way I was going to spend more money to be disfigured when I was originally told i'd only need one treatment, (His words were, if you need a second go then I will do it for free) there was no mention of cost in these DM's however it had now jumped to 3 treatments... Regardless of cost I don't believe for one minute that my face was supposed to look like that, and my chin is just as bad! What an absolute waste of time.