Most of my friends are in their early 20's and nearly all have Botox, their theory is that if you start early then you won't ever look old.

So is prevention better than cure?

I started having Botox when I was 24 it was curiosity that made me first try it, I went to The Hospital Group in Rodney Street. I walked in to a lovely waiting area and I was given a leaflet on Juvederm, there were no prices and I was led into a not so clinical room where I was greeted by the woman who used to sell bog rolls in the 50p shop by mine when I was a kid.

To say I felt uneasy was an understatement, how can a discount shop lady be qualified to inject my face? I felt really uncomfortable and should have asked her to swiftly produce certificates and evidence of training; however I was really trying to be polite so I kept schtum. She baffled me with maths... If you get 1 area it’s a million pound, if you get 2 areas it's £250, one area is £300, but if you just buy one needle I can do it all for £250.... All? All what? I was so confused and would have gone with anything, I don’t know what I got but it cost me £250.

I later learned that it was filler, designed to plump up my cheeks technically it's called your Apex, Apple and Hollow Plumper.  No wonder I still had a deep line in between my eyebrows, I frown a lot in my sleep so the bridge of my nose has a vertical line that I really don't like. I raised this with the bog roll lady afterwards who then offered me Botox, but said it a lot more expensive than what you've just had. I was mortified! I wanted Botox, didn't get Botox and now was looking at a deep wrinkle worth £500! I said "ooh maybe next time and left" My first visit was slightly disappointing to say the least……I wasn’t put off I just thought I’d obviously gone to the wrong place and started to do some research.

My next visit was to Serenity Clinic in Heswall, it was a couple of years later, I was a bit more flush and I wanted the works! I had Botox and Filler, 3 areas of filler, my bridge, and above my eyes to give it a lift, not reduce wrinkles, to lift my eyes. I’m sure that was her way of still selling Botox without having to admit I didn’t have a wrinkle on my forehead. The filler was in my nasolabial folds, the so-called marionette lines that run from the nose to corners of the mouth. It helped with those wrinkles but didn’t give me back volume, doing the folds wasn’t enough, I had filler in my cheeks, hello harry the hamster! I was made up!! Although the deep wrinkle I was told I have under my right eye isn’t actually a wrinkle it’s a line of pigmentation that joins together in the sun, again another marketing tactic thrust upon me.

To be fair when it comes to products I’m really easy, she didn’t have to try so hard. The bill was ridiculous! approx £700-£800 I can’t really remember now, however I loved the results and continued to visit Serenity Clinic until I moved house.

As the effects wore off I felt that my face didn’t just go back to the way it looked pre injections, it seemed to look haggard, old and tired. I was addicted! I went online and found The Harley Medical Centre, I figured that all the top doctors are based in Harley Street so they must be good. I purchased 1 area of Botox, 1 filler and a microdermabrasion for £450, it was all very pleasant, and it done the job for a few weeks, but it didn’t feed my addiction, it was like methadone to a Heroin Addict, it took the edge off but it just wasn’t strong enough!

I was very unsatisfied! In fact I wanted a face lift, looking back I assumed that Botox and fillers would change my whole face, I wanted drastic changes and injectable beauty just didn’t seem enough….

Believe it or not facing my ultimate fear solved my insecurities, I went make up free, not in front of my boyfriend, not by nipping the shops but in style, by waking up in front of 6 million people in the Big Brother House. Not in a million years did I think that filming started at the crack of dawn, I though ooh I will get up have a little shower, put my face on and then the cameras would start rolling,,  Nope we woke to the loudest shrill of an alarm you could ever imagine and the thump thump of cameramen following your every move! Bless Alex (Rose Lee) she applied her make up under the duvet then emerged, Louise (Cliff) woke up as fit as she went to bed so I decided to embrace it, I thought that If I just accepted it I’d be ok, It seemed to work, I would never have gone bare faced pre BB so in a way being thrown in at the deep end really helped me face my fears.

After BB I had a lot of media attention and I wanted to look my best I waited until I got home and found Btox City Clinics in Rodney Street. When I first arrived I was so excited I nearly weed! I wanted everything! I think I even asked for cheek implants! The Dr there, yes a real doctor not a shop lady! Could have rinsed me for hundreds yet he was very firm! “You don’t need this! And you don’t need that!” how very dare he! It’s my face and I’ll inject if I want too! Seemingly not, not with Dr Walker anyway, he showed me pics of young Jordan and recent pics. I had no argument. I still hated him a little bit but that soon sufficed when I understood what he was saying, less is definitely more! As I girl crushed on his assistant Loretta I realised I had found my Botox guru! I eventually persuaded him to give me a lil filler, he was hesitant at first but he gave in and now I’ve got juicy lips and a smooth forehead.

In my opinion Dr Walker at Btox City Clinics has got it right, he doesn’t need to hustle women with body dysmorphia, he doesn’t up sell, oversell, sell sell! He just wants to enhance natural beauty and ensure that nobody leaves his clinic looking like a blow up doll.

I’d recommend injectable beauty as I don’t believe that creams pack the punch required at 30, however I don’t think 23/24 is the right age to start, I think that you should cure wrinkles not try to prevent them, is it a vicious circle?? yes vicious and an expensive circle! However.... if it boosts your confidence then do it! But only from a Doctor!! 

I have received no monies for this article.