One call from Carolyn Hughes on behalf of disabled and disadvantaged children in Liverpool (and the surrounding areas) was all it took for Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward to come to Sunny Liverpool last Saturday. Dawn didn't hesitate when asked and later confirmed that once she knew it was for children she cancelled all plans for filming the hit ITVbe show and readily actioned her PA to sort out all the details. 

Dawn arrived at the Hilton with her lovely mum and co star Lauren Simon on time...... I was late as usual, an hour late!! 

Getting out of the house is such a difficult task, I got changed four times, my hair was in a ponytail, then it was curly with clip in extensions, I decided this made my face look fat so I then wore a straight wig but the hair band didn't match my outfit, so I changed my outfit. I then decided that I HATED my outfit and so I changed again... I then had to decide on shoes... *insert hand over eyes emoji here. Safe to say that by the time I arrived at the Hilton Hotel I was really nervous and very embarrassed that out of 200 people I was the last to arrive............

But as you can see from the pictures it was an amazing day and we raised thousands for cash for kids!