So we've all heard of the movie Good Luck Chuck ; " In order to keep the woman of his dreams from falling for another guy, Charlie Logan has to break the curse that has made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love." 

Could this really work? If you knew that you had to endure the madness of a rebound relationship to then find your true love, then of course you would happily rebound around town with a guy who is an *obvious rebound... 

*an obvious rebound is a man who; 

1- is less attractive than you, he's there to make you feel better about yourself, if he's punching he's going to be more grateful. 

2 - younger than you, HA to the guy who broke your heart, I got myself a toy boy. 

3 - a LOT older than you, this guy has a load of money, again a big slap in the face to your ex, I'm chilling in San Carlo on a Tuesday afternoon and I have an allowance, Enjoy your KFC, basics!! 

4 - he has got sex issues, either he can't keep it up, he can't last... Or he is a porn fiend. You don't know this until you are a few dates in, by that time you have already shown residual crank issues from your previous boyfriend and you are stuck dealing with a weirdo, you should get out now but you excuse his short comings as you have *rebound guilt.

*rebound guilt is;

1- you know you don't really fancy him, it's forced, you try to make up for this by "over complimenting" him, this causes rebound boy to get cocky thus inducing gobshite behaviour. 

2 - games, played by you. It's the push/pull effect, in order to feel better about using rebound guy, you give him plenty of opportunity to do one. 

3 - you buy him little gifts or do other silly things, like offer to pay for dinner. Behaviour which you would never display with Mr right. 

Rebound relationships have always happened and will always happen, the only way to deal with them is acceptance;

Accept that it happened, forget everything that happened during it and learn from it. It doesn't matter that you were mental, it wasn't real it was a "practise" for your real man. 

Don't beat yourself up about the mistakes you made, you were vulnerable, hurting and weak, it was on the job training, now you are sassy, skinnier (you were going dutch, you only had starters!) and strong. 

Block out everything you said, you didn't really love him, you didn't really need him you just thought you did, oh and the arguments you had with your mates about how he just doesn't photograph well.... Now is the time to admit he's bloody ugly! 

We should feel bad about using these men to fulfil our rebound needs but we don't, because we know that there's a girl out there crying to the notebook because your rebound was a gobshite!  So embrace it! Have shit sex, be a full on crank and avoid going out in public with him because after all it's a few weeks that will never be spoken about again....