As you know I have a column in Exclusive Magazine, the main focus of my column is relationships, each issue I will explore different dilemmas we have all faced, I aim to give you honest advice and I will draw upon my own dating disasters which I’m sure will give you a giggle. I will delve into unknown territories such as homosexuality, sex parties, and sugar daddies, so please if you are under 18 this column isn’t suitable for you. 

If you are over 18 then choose a subject from the menu above and enjoy!

As a 32 year old woman who has dated, had her heart broken, and played out a relationship on TV in front of millions of people I am more than qualified to cover the complex world of relationships, however I will draw upon my academic qualifications as a Counsellor from time to time. I would love to hear about your relationship dilemma’s, dating disasters and true love stories, If you want to get in touch then please email me 

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