Dream Boats and Petticoats at the Floral Pavillion 15/04/2015


As I took my seat in the theatre I scanned the crowd, the average age was 60 and here I was with a 17 year old girl a bag of peanut M&M's and nearly not enough wine.... 

The show started with Bobby (Gregg Fossard) a fierce dancer with the voice of an angel. He tried to fire up the crowd but this lot weren't budging! 

Norman (Mathew Colthart) took to the stage with The Wanderer and this hip shaking raunchy performer really got me going, I was hooked! His partner Sue (Louise Olley) really stood out for me and together they gave me shivers down my backbone! 

The highlight of the whole show for me was Shakin' All Over performed by Norman and Sue, it was electric, made me want to get on stage and join the frivolity, everything a show should do to you. 

These guys put "pop stars" to shame, they sung live, in key and made nostalgia come alive. The energy in act two blew me away and the bug spread! by the time we got to Run Around Sue everyone was up dancing, Mavis got her money's worth and the modern day jokes went down a treat! 

The director Bob Tomson really does know how to throw a party and even though I cringed at Hey Baby the audience loved it, joining in with the moves the atmosphere was amazing! As finales go At The Hop was a great choice, I didn't want the party to stop. 

Overall I would recommend Dreamboats and Petticoats to everyone, the story is adaptable and can be understood by all ages, the timeless classics can be enjoyed by everybody and the energy is infectious! 

My only criticism is that of some members of the audience...... Who leaves a performance before the curtain comes down?! It's rude and really gets my goat! I couldn't believe that during a fantastic finale these guys walked out, it really angered me, the performers all deserved nothing less than a standing ovation. 

 Dreamboats and Petticoats is showing at New Brighton Pavillion until Saturday 19th April 2014 


Review submitted by Rebeckah Vaughan 

 Grand Pasa Hotel Turkey 

The hotel is beautiful, the service is dire. 

The reception staff are rude apart from one really nice guy Ismail. They are really unhelpful, our room is on the 5th floor (top floor) so the sun beats down in it all day, the air con isn't very good so it's hard to breathe. We asked to be moved and they said no, we asked for a fan and they said no. It was as though we were invisible each time we went to the desk, they ignored us, answered the phone mid conversation and when we asked about local information they pretended to not understand. 

To obtain a towel you have to ask at reception, they give you a piece of paper which you take down to the spa to get your towel, the man at the spa won't give you your towel until you have been shown around the spa, he will then harass you to book treatments, he wanted ¬£100 from me and my friend. When we said no he got really angry and said we had to give him money because we had wasted his time, he kept the paper/card. The next day he approached me and stood with his face close to my face and hissed at me. 

Again he kept the paper... The 3rd day we took our towels and threw our cards on the desk then we ran. 

Today at checkout low and behold we owe money for towels... They want 60TL

The man on the desk in the blue shirt is vile, he was so nasty, shouting at us in Turkish. He's now cancelled our transfer and said we can't leave until we pay. 

We've spoken to a lovely lady called Harika from guest relations who came with us to the spa, she got our 3 receipts/cards from the spa and we were all good: until the desk guy went mad at her, now as there's 2 of us he's decided that we owe for 6?? After an hour in limbo Harika has found our extra 3 cards at the spa and this guy is fuming!! Seemingly Harika has undermined him... 

I've got no idea if we will be allowed to get on our transfer (which was paid for through our travel agent) or if we do... whether we will make it to the airport in one piece, I've got visions of all sorts happening! (We got a Taxi to the Airport)

If you are thinking of booking this hotel then don't!! It's full of intimidating men trying to scam you for money.

Review submitted by Rebeckah Vaughan 


To read the response from the hotel just click on this link....



Halloween 2014 at Level Liverpool - Hashtag Friday's  

Do you remember medication? garlands when it was at the state? Well Level Nightclub on Fleet Street is medication, garlands and the Paradox in one superclub! 

To be told Joe Ann Randles was now shaking her thang over at Concert Square minus her sidekick Ryan Mira was awful news! I can't bare concert square, I NEVER go that part of town so now if I wanted to go out I was gonna have to get my Hep B jab and venture over to support my pal and see what was going on in the ghetto.....

For about ten mins I was looking around Concert Square for my mates, whilst searching I realised that the average age of drinkers was between 17-19, I'm 31 and my boyfriend is 39 so it immediately felt like we didn't belong but gone where the Ben Sherman shirt wearing scallies and in their place Tom's wearing students and girls who thought it was acceptable to wear converse with a dress..... 

So apart from looking like we had come to collect our daughter we didn't stick out too much as the crowds were an eclectic mix. There was a non imposing police presence although it didn't feel that they were necessary as the mood was relaxed and happy. 

Approaching Level I spotted the huge queue, they have guest list to the right and regular patrons to the left... Both queues were equally unlucky for many clubbers, the doormen were selective, I'm not sure what the conditions of gaining entry were but they could afford to be choosy, the club was full by the time I arrived and it was only midnight. 

We were escorted to a separate VIP area on the ground floor, it had its own dance floor and bar with 5 booths, there was a very polite guy in charge of the red rope and the promo staff were really friendly. It was ridiculously busy but it had an electric atmosphere and the vibe was unreal! 

We quickly got into the mood, there were stilt walkers, trapeze artists, flame eaters, podium dancers and the crowds had gone all out with their costumes! It was an amazing club with an amazing crowd and so different to what I was expecting, erm can I have a slice of humble pie to go with my Vodka please..... 

Everything has changed.... 

What has happened to the clubbing scene nowadays??? If you don't supply circus acts, ten foot trannies and birds swinging from the rafters in their American Apparel rig out then you've failed that's what! 

My advice to other clubs is; don't try and blag it that you are winning because you stick a sparkler in a bottle of Grey Goose because I'm telling you there's serious competition at Level, they have 3 floors, (my vodka legs couldn't carry me to the other two...) 2600 capacity, 7 bars and a restaurant! There's a courtyard for smokers and separate VIP areas with waitress service. 


My guess is that as soon as the gaytown crew get wind of Level they will claim Concert Square for their own and Liverpool will no longer be segregated. Poor Liam Kinney really is the only gay in the village over there so get your Vivienne Westwood clad posse and mooch over to Level for some serious throwing of fabulous and I mean f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s shapes! 

It really is everything you could possibly need under one roof! 

I'm going back next week to explore the other floors and try some food so watch this space.... 

Review submitted by Rebeckah Vaughan 

For more information on bookings, contact PR & Marketing Manager for JSM bar & leisure group Joe-Ann Randles via Twitter @LevelLiverpool 

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