In the middle of West Kirby’s bars, restaurants and charity shops there is a lovely little boutique by the name of Smudge.

If you are in a hurry you may not even notice it, it is subtly placed on Banks Road, just one road up from the Marine Lake. It is full of delightful homewares, women’s accessories, clothes and shoes, it is set out beautifully and I was not pestered as soon as I entered the store, I enjoyed perusing in peace. 

I was greeted by a young lady wearing a casual tee and skinny jeans, she was quiet and polite and not at all pushy. I felt comfortable enough to be styled and began looking around the store. There were lots of lovely florals on display and loads of 1950’s inspired pieces which are my fave! I loved all the new pastel colours on show and in particular a blue leather skirt/jacket combo caught my eye. 

The lady introduced herself as Lauren and after ten mines or so we were like old pals, she was so sweet to me and even though I had to confess my body hang ups, I somehow felt happy and confident sharing my fears with Lauren. 

We all have bits we don’t like, bits we want to hide and bits we show off, but knowing how to present these bits properly is an art form and after chatting with Lauren I was confident she knew what my little frame could carry, and by the look of these mannequins Smudge knew exactly what was in this season. Lauren, Izabelle (my 9 year old niece) and I went through the rails, I picked out what I liked, Izabelle chose what she thought would suit me and Lauren chose a few items too. 

I’m glad I tried on so many different styles, I wouldn’t usually be bothered to use the changing rooms, hence why I’ve got so many unworn clothes that look awful on me and therefore still have the tags on and hang in my wardrobe taking up valuable space. 

I struggled not to spend a fortune! There were so many amazing items that I had to be strict with myself… the beautiful garments below are the chosen ones and they now live with me amongst the thousands of beautiful clothes in my walk in wardrobe. YEY!!! Happy happy!! 

I walked into the back to try on my wares and instead of getting thrust behind a curtain I walked into a large seating area, with plush white leather sofas, full length mirrors and if you wanted to, a private space with curtains to change. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman, Lauren was bringing in different outfits for me, zipping me up, helping me in and out of outfits and offering cold drinks.  

I was a little anxious about the first couple of items that Lauren chose, it was so hard to see her vision whilst the items were on the hangers, however once on I could see the point she was making. I always wear baggy tops to disguise my waist, I’m hardly fat, I weigh 7st 5 and most of that is boobs! But… I’m really conscious of my tummy and in an attempt to disguise it I sometimes dress a bit frumpy. 








Smudge Boutique

86 Banks Road

West Kirby

CH48 0RE

Phone: 0151 625 2852








I have received no monies for this article.