Tinder! The dating app based purely on appearances

If you don’t know what Tinder is then lucky you……. 

It’s one of the more acceptable apps for dating. It is a Facebook based app. You don’t enter your name, age or other information, you have to sign in with your Facebook account. Your Tinder profile shows your Facebook profile picture, although you can delete this and add different pictures from your phone, it shows the name and age you registered on Facebook and mutual Facebook friends, you can also link your Instagram account to it. You can write about yourself on your profile or you can leave it blank. 

It works by you selecting what sex you want to look for male, female or both, you then choose the radius to search within, you chose an age range and you are ready to swipe…

Tinder will look for the people that meet your criteria and show you their profile, you swipe right if you like the person and left if you don’t. If you swipe right and the other person swipes right then you get a match and you can chat privately. If you swipe right and the other person swipes left then you can’t chat, this is such a paradox!! You are protected from being weirded out by an ugly gaming nerd who sends you messages all day, every day, BUT if you fall in love with a guy and don’t get a match then you start thinking all sorts… did he see my profile and reject me? What if he hasn’t been swiping recently and doesn’t even know I exist?? How can I find him? Oh my god I love him where is he??? The problem here is that he’s now gone. If you swipe left to reject then these people occasionally come around again, but if you have swiped right then you won’t see them again unless they right swipe you. SO!! If you see a guy/gal you like then screenshot their profile… if they have friends in common or have linked their insta then they will be easy to find, BUT be warned, if a hot guy follows you on Instagram, then twitter, then requests you on FB then you match with him on Tinder you would think erm he’s a bit keen, as women we would turn that into a positive and gush “he must really like me” guys will be weirded out by this behaviour and before you know it, your ass is getting blocked on every form of social media…. even Pinterest! You can’t even sell your cross stitch pillows to this guy, and you only have your stalking little self to blame. If you haven’t matched the man of your dreams within 2 days then delete your tinder and find him on Facebook, never ever mention Tinder and say he popped up in people you may know….. ;) 

Here’s a guy I was lucky enough to match with….. If you find that after you have matched you change your mind then luckily you can unmatch and the DM’s stop. Sorry Jay!