As I'm a throwback albino I pile on the fake tan, tan on top of tan on top of tan and then some more tan, when it wears off I look like a reptile. I'm patchy, flaky and no more tan will ever fix me, in fact when I apply more tan I look even scalier. 

During a freezing cold January you would think I could swerve the fake tan but as most corporate parties are now after Christmas I was especially lizard like! As with all services I require I went on to Twitter and asked for help! 

@Scouse_ma pointed me in the direction of @ultracellmedispa in Liverpool, she said the offered an exfoliating treatment and that it had solved her tanning nightmares previously. I tweeted them and within 90 mins I was heading into an industrial estate thinking, what the fake bake is this and am I safe.. I saw a really understated sign and parked right outside, I was so confused as I was still in an industrial estate. I couldn't get in the front door and I couldn't see through the tinted windows, so I rang the bell and I was greeted by a beautiful polite young lady who introduced herself as Jamie.  

When I walked in I was astounded, it was like stepping in to Narnia.... The Spa is just too amazing! I can't find the words.... click on this link to see inside

Jamie led me into a dimly lit room, we had a chat and she explained that she was going to use a Spa Rituals Scrub, she heated up the bed for me then left me to get undressed and instructed me to get comfortable under the towel..


As soon as I said it I turned crimson.. Just so you know, you leave your knickers on.

As I lay there all comfy listening to Enya I was already half asleep, Jamie returned and the treatment began. I completely forgot where I was, it was so blissful. She scrubbed and she scrubbed until there was no tan left, I was so relieved, I popped into the shower, patted myself dry and jumped back onto the bed. Jamie started to mix different oils and the most amazing massage begun....




I can honestly say that this is the most relaxing, professional and luxurious spa I have ever visited. I can't wait to try all the treatments available.

I have received no monies for this article